We're looking for a ballet hope

25. - 26. April 2022
House of Culture, Liptovský Hrádok

How to register?

Only participant, who submits correctly  completed application form and provides payment receipt of the registration fee, is allowed to  take part in the competition. With submission of the application the participant  agrees with the terms and conditions of the contest. In case of their violation his/hers participation can be terminated.

Participant must obtain prior to the contest the right to present new creations or choreographies, which are subject to copyright protection.

The mandatory application form are two photographs in a dance performance (photos are sent exclusively in print quality electronically).

The application form: For category A and B (Download)

The application form for category C: In 2022, we are not opening the category.

Deadline for registration is 13th April 2022. If the overall capacity of the competition is fulfilled, the organizer reserves the right to close the registration even in the earlier term. Consequently, we recommend not to register at the last minute.

  • Song titles and names of authors and choreographers selected for the repertoire for the II. round of the competition.  By the contemporary choreographies state the exact duration time of the performance.
  • Send by e-mail with application form - artistic CV and two photos of dance expression (electronically in quality for printing).
  • The application form, contestant CV and 2 photos must be electronically submitted on the e-mail address only: produkcia@ldtlh.sk.

The accuracy of submitted data in the application for category A and B is confirmed by the sending school with the school stamp and the signature of its director. In case of false data, the participant may be excluded from the competition.  The sending school is fully responsible for all deficiencies.

The accuracy of submitted data in the application for category C is confirmed by the head of the ensemble by his signature. In case of false data, the ensemble may be excluded from the competition. The sending ensemble is fully responsible for all deficiencies.

The sending school or ensemble must secure the consent of the contestants to publish and process the personal data required to enter the competition. (GDPR)

Participation fee:

Participant fee amount for categories A and B = 15,- € per competitor.

Payment information:

Account number IBAN: SK4911000000002941002859
Administration for the recipient: Contestant name
Bank name: Tatra banka, a. s.
Bank address: Hodžovo námestie 3, Bratislava, SK

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